Getting things done is what drives me, and this is a place where you can get things done, especially if you’re willing to collaborate, be a team player, and you don’t care who gets the credit but you care a lot about those who get the benefit.”

Paul joined The Team as the Executive Director in 2020 when CET was experiencing a transition in leadership; he saw the potential here and took on the forward-looking challenge, backed by his 30+ years of experience in public affairs, management, communications, strategy, and project development.

Paul is described by his fellow teammates as a strategically minded, quick witted, and persistent problem solver.

While there is always work to be done on weekends, Paul typically uses his free time to read a solid mix of fiction and nonfiction, write letters (the old fashioned way), and enjoy the outdoors with his family and their excessively hairy Great Pyrenees, Spenser.


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